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About Brighten Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Katie Mills


Katie is a registered Counsellor with a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy. She is passionate about developing judgement-free, caring and person focused therapeutic relationships to support individuals in living their best life. 

Katie’s own life experiences and continual self-development enhance her ability to empathise with others and work in a collaborative way. Her personable approach is founded  on her values of trust, openness and authenticity.

Originating from the UK, she moved to Sydney with her family  in 2007. The plan was to return home after a couple of years, but they’re still here! Prior to raising her family, Katie had an extensive career in Human Resources. It was during this time she gained experience in training, coaching and supporting people through periods of loss, change, conflict and struggling to cope with life’s curve balls and hurdles. 


Since moving to Sydney, Katie followed her heart to train and work as a counsellor. In doing so, she recognises that each and every one of us will face personal challenges in our life. How we each deal with and emerge from these will differ, as there is no universal ‘best’ or ‘right’ way. Katie’s belief in our uniqueness, with our own individual needs and responses, is fundamental to her approach. She is committed to taking the journey with you, offering support and compassion to facilitate your own discovery of the path ahead. 

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