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Grief, Loss & Life Stage Changes

Grief is often associated with the loss of a loved one. Such loss can result in feeling bereft, saddened, confused, angry, regretful or uncertain about the future.

Remembering the one you have lost and ‘feeling’ that loss is an important part of grieving. Sharing those memories and emotions within a safe and non-judgmental space can allow a grieving process to deepen, discovery of ways to honour your memories and a place to hold your loss for the future.

We also grieve for other significant losses – relationships ending, loss of a career or significant life stages, such as leaving home, becoming a parent or retirement. These are not always validated by others so seeking support may help to understand and process these losses.

Whilst many life stages may be unavoidable or anticipated, it doesn’t diminish the significant impact these experiences have on our life. Changes may even be welcomed but can still create a sense of uncertainty or loss of identity. However, regaining a new sense of self is possible.

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It's not about being 'time to move on',

but finding new meanings in which you take your loss with you.

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