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Anxiety & Depression

Depression and anxiety present differently but can often co-exist.

You may be experiencing symptoms of sadness, irritability, demotivation, excessive worrying, isolation, lack of self-confidence and/or being overwhelmed. Engaging in day to day routine and connecting with others can become significantly hindered and just ‘too hard’. At times this can feel quite scary, causing additional distress and a vicious cycle persists. Seeking support through counselling can help to break the cycle and find new meanings and understanding.


Bringing awareness to your individual motivators and triggers helps identify the best tools and strategies to reduce unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. It may be useful to explore the root cause of your experiences or keep the focus in the present and develop strategies for the future. 


Matching our approach to your personal experiences, strengths, and goals, whilst recognising the mind and body connection, is an important aspect of the journey.


It's not about learning to control your thoughts,

it's about learning to prevent them controlling you.

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