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ADHD Support for Adults

Adult ADHD can present challenges in the areas of distractability, organisation, task finalisation, timekeeping and memory.

Behaviours are often misunderstood by others, both at work and home, potentially resulting in relationship difficulties and the co-existence of          anxiety and depression. 

If you have been diagnosed or suspect you have ADHD,  we can explore options for support on an individualised basis and formulate a plan  that  works best  for you. This may be in addition to any prescribed medication.  Support through counselling can be sought with or without a formal diagnosis.

At Brighten Counselling we focus on the ‘the person’ – their experiences, strengths, anxieties, goals, and self-expectations. By doing so we develop a personalised approach, finding the most effective way to meet individual needs.

Katie is a Certified ADHD Clinical Service Provider and offers support in developing strategies and tools to work with ADHD symptoms whilst recognising the authenticity of the individual.


ADHD is not a choice, you can't choose not to have it, 

But it can be an asset, if you learn how to use it.

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