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Relationship Difficulties
& Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural aspect of life and relationships. 

It is necessary to allow our emotions and behaviours to exist within a space we feel comfortable with. However, when conflict causes discomfort or distress that impacts broader areas of your life and your personal wellbeing, seeking support may be appropriate. This presents opportunity to find alternative and healthier ways to work through problems and find solutions to create better communication.

However, difficulties in relationships are not always conflict based. Whether a relationship be intimate, familial, social or work related, they can encounter problems through lack of communication,  opposing values, misunderstandings, distrust or indifference. Too often these can lead to anger, resentment or self-doubt and you may find yourself  becoming isolated and avoiding others. 

Exploring different ways to respond to conflict situations, express how you are feeling and what you need, can bring about personal clarity and empowerment. Strategies and skills to achieve this can be developed on an individualised basis within counselling. 



Conflict is Inevitable, Combat is Optional,

and the key to a good relationship is good communication.

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